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New Musicals Australia is pleased to present the Snap Shot recipients for Round Four.  The Snap Shots will be presented in the first week of November to the NMA Advisory Panel.

We received so many varied musicals with Round Four proving to be our strongest round to date.  This is a great testament to the ever growing desire to create new musicals with the abundance of talent in Australia.

During the week  of SNAP SHOTS on Sunday 4 November there will be a special drinks for all participants and anyone who wishes to attend.

NMA Round Four drinks

Sunday 4 November. 5pm

Foyer of Hayes Theatre 19 Greenknowe Ave Potts Point

Drinks at discounted prices

Please rsvp to



Book and Lyrics Melvyn Morrow / Music Dion Condack

Young trainee North Shore Jesuit takes Western Suburbs girlfriend to his rich parents’ Central Coast beach house for a special weekend ‘retreat’.
As the retreat advances, their complex relationship unravels yet deepens.
Their surprise backstories make for turbulence and romance – and… resolution?


Book and Lyrics by Jake Nielsen and Matthew Predny

Gabby Stencil is a disenfranchised, overqualified, call centre worker who wants to be a composer. A musical about the choice between following your dreams and making next weeks rent.


Music by Jackson Griggs
Book & Lyrics by Thomas Owen & Cal Silberstein

In a town literally devoid of colour, Gwen Archer and Elias Kane, two artists locked in a bitter rivalry, seek a grand innovation to prove their artistic superiority once and for all. Their quest invigorates the town’s long dormant citizens and puts them at odds with their ineffectual government. As the conflict escalates, the town must determine whether colour, and the power it brings, will be a force for inspiration and justice, or hysteria and violence.


Alexandra Collier & Greta Gertler Gold

In the 90s, New York indie rock band Triplight were poised on the knife edge of fame when the band was tragically killed in an accident. That is except for Willow Spark, their charismatic singer-songwriter who hasn’t been seen since. Until tonight, when Willow is forced out of hiding by a radio DJ and must finally reckon with the ghosts of her past.


Drew Lane and Rusty Lemorande

Based on the classic 1984 film, “Electric Dreams: The Musical” follows the story of Miles, a bumbling and disorganised architect, who is trying to get his life in order. With the help of his best friend, Frank, he buys a computer, and at the same time meets his beautiful next door neighbour, Madeline, a cellist for the San Francisco orchestra. When a freak accident happens to Miles’ computer, it starts to take on its own awareness, and begins to meddle in Miles’ home, work and love life!


Music, Book and Lyrics AJ RideFelt 

In the far away village of Gilthrum news of a plague arrives with the post. Seela must stop her fellow villagers from turning on the postman but when evidence suggests forged letters she is confronted but her own doubts. As the townsfolk become increasingly paranoid, Seela learns how far they will go to protect their comfortable lives and dark secrets.


Music and lyrics and book by Luke Di Somma.
TTBU is a song cycle musical about the relationship between late-twenties journo Dom and musician Sam. Over seventy minutes, sixteen songs and a wee bit of incidental dialogue, we follow the two through their first meeting and tentative courtship to the relationship’s eventual breakdown and their first steps towards the next phase of their lives. Two actors (M/F) play each character, so we see the relationship in four different guises; two straight couples, a gay couple and a lesbian couple.


Music by James Cullen

Book & Lyrics by Daniel Cullen

The show follows the troupe of Dubbo Championship Wrestling (a small wrestling promotion) in the leadup to Dubbomania, the biggest night of the year (for Dubbo-based amateur professional wrestling). Our hero, Ozzy, has always dreamed of wrestling at Dubbomania, but his loyalty to DCW has always stopped him. Things reach a boiling point when disgraced wrestling superstar Perfect Ten Ken arrives and replaces him as DCW’s top star.


Music Lyrics and Book by Mark Longhurst

Match of the Century is an immersive musical theatre experience that blends elements of rhythm, freestyle rhyme and spoken word to chronicle the meteoric rise and tragic fall of the world’s greatest chess player, Bobby Fischer. This true story envisions chess games as fierce rap battles and exposes the gritty, sordid underbelly of competitive chess in the Cold War era. The show paints a complex portrait of Fischer, a prodigy raised in a poor, single-parent, immigrant household in Brooklyn who single handedly  threatened the dominance of the Soviet chess machine in the 1970s.