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Have you written a piece of musical theatre and want to take it to the next level?

New Musicals Australia can help you get your original show off the page and onto the stage. We develop musicals via readings and workshops and put your work in front of industry experts.



Stage 1: The Submission Process

Submissions are open to all creators of new musicals where at least one of the creative team has Australian citizenship or permanent resident status.

The creative team will ideally be made up one to four individuals fulfilling the roles of composer, lyricist and librettist. One individual will be required to be the primary contact for the work for the online submission.

Work will be evaluated on:

  • Artistic merit of the proposal, including the quality of music and theatrical ideas
  • Potential of the proposal to contribute to the diversity of contemporary music theatre practice in Australia
  • Potential for further development of both the creators and the piece

Applicants are required to submit the following materials:

  • Biographies of key creatives: composer, lyricist, librettist/book-writer (doc file)
  • A one-page vision statement, outlining the creators’ artistic intentions for the work and the show’s development so far (doc file)
  • A synopsis of no longer than one page outlining both the plot and how music is integrated into the piece (doc file)
  • Three to five musical examples of key songs from the show (mp3 files only – max 8MB)
  • A writing sample of approximately ten minutes (up to 15 pages – doc file) of the show including one of the attached songs
  • A full libretto (doc file)


Stage 2: The Musical Snapshot

Up to 10 musicals will be chosen out of the submissions to progress to the second stage, the Snapshot.

This stage consists of a 20 consecutive minutes of the musical presented to available members of the Advisory Panel who will offer immediate feedback on structural and creative strengths and weaknesses. This opportunity enables creative teams to receive professional feedback and gauge a general response.

The Snapshots will take place on Sunday 4 and Monday 5 November 2018.

Up to four musicals will be chosen from the Snapshots to receive a read through of the entire script with the musicals numbers sung through. A core cast of actors will be provided for all of the read throughs with the musicals creators being called upon to sing the musical numbers. The read throughs will take place on the Tuesday 6 November and Thursday 8 November following the Snapshot presentations. Members of the Advisory Panel will be invited attend to the read throughs and offer further feedback.


Stage 3: The Developmental Workshop

Two works may be chosen from the read through to be workshopped.

At the end of the workshop, each musical will then give a closed presentation to available members of the Advisory Panel. The length of the workshop will be determined by the needs of the musicals selected.


Stage 4: Season at Hayes Theatre Co

It is envisaged that one of the two musicals will be chosen to present a full season at Hayes Theatre Co at a future date.