June 2017

Round 2 Musical Selection

This year New Musicals Australia held workshops for two musicals as part of Round Two. We are pleased to announce that EVIE MAY - A TIVOLI STORY (The Disappearance of Evelyn May Murphy) has been selected to go into full production at Hayes Theatre Co in 2018.

Book by Hugo Chiarella Music & Lyrics Naomi Livingston

In 1966, on the evening of the last ever Tivoli performance, ageing variety star, Evie May, recalls the events that lead her from obscurity in outback Western Australia, to the bright lights of the Australian variety circuit and the many sacrifices she had to make to get there.

As the final curtain comes down on the Tivoli and everything that has come to define her, Evie is forced to figure out where she belongs in world that no longer values the very thing she has spent her life pursuing. Evie May: A Tivoli Story, offers a dramatically compelling take on memory, motherhood, and questions of personal and cultural identity.

April 2017


Round 3 Snapshot recipients 



book and lyrics by PETER FITZPATRICK

CASTRO’S CHILDREN tells several fictional stories, but is based in historical fact: the scheme called Operation Pedro Pan, concocted by the CIA in conjunction with the Catholic Church, which resulted in the secret removal from Havana of more than 14,000 children aged between 10 and 14 in the early months of Castro’s regime.
The show follows six of the Pedro Pan children, in parallel time frames (Havana 1960, USA 1980); it dramatizes their very different experiences, and the emotional and ethical conflicts of the parents who sent them, and the men who devised the scheme.
The music reflects the ‘bi-coastal’ action, in its distinctive mixture of powerful Cuban rhythms with a variety of American musical styles ranging from sweeping ballads to comic patter-songs. The show is epic in scope, and has implications for the stories of displaced children at every time and place; but its focus is on a small group of people caught up in the history, and we think that audiences will care deeply about every one of them.


Music by Jackson Griggs
Lyrics by Cal Silberstein
Book by Jackson Used and Ben Thomas

Fairybread is a surreal and intimate piece of musical theatre, focusing on Elliot as he retraces the final dinner party he had with his closest friends. Tonight is the night of their ten year reunion, and as the evening continues Elliot slips further into fantasy as he imagines what could have been. Incorporating elements of dream, humour and heartbreak, this show asks us how to move on from the people that helped make our identity.


Book and Lyrics Alex Giles
Lyrics and Music Steven Kreamer

In Stitches" is the story of Chloe – a girl who dreams of putting on a larger than life theatre spectacular, but finds herself confined by the depths of her theatre workplace. Although a talented a seamstress, she feels trapped and under appreciated, until her childhood blanket and some newly sewn together wardrobe items begin to come to life, she realises that if she acts fast, she may have a shot of stepping from the wings into the limelight.


Book & Lyrics by Holly Loughran & Sophie Loughran
Lyrics Ned Dixon, Holly Loughran & Sophie Loughran
Music by Ned Dixon

Staffroom is a satirical musical that takes place behind the door labelled 'Staffroom' in a suburban Australian high school. At Likemore Heights, the History, English, Maths, Science, PE and Performing Arts departments are at war with each other over limited funding and resources. Little do they know that their school is set to be closed and demolished by rival school Haveluck Grammar by the end of the week.


Book, music and lyrics by Jamie Burgess

Arthur, the second son of god, is completing his mission before the world ends. Maggie, who meets Arthur in her friend’s cafe, is The Queen of Heaven apparently, Kevin, the local parish minister, is to spread the Good Word of Arthur’s arrival, Karen is to edit the footage together for the local ‘news’, and two ordinary Angels are destined to create mischief and miracles.
THE INSATIABLE MOON is a new rock/pop musical all about Faith, Hope, Love and Loss... and not a single American accent anywhere.


Book, Music and Lyrics: Josh Levy
When Joel, a gay Jewish man from Melbourne begins a long distance relationship with Erik, a black man from New York, he discovers that perhaps “the longest distance” he has to overcome may be more than just geographical. Instead, The Longest Distance becomes an exploration of the emotional distances between the people immediately around us, particularly Joel's mother Helen and best friend Ann, and ultimately the distance we face in realising what we want for ourselves.

THE WHITE MOUSE - The Nancy Wake Story

Book & Lyrics Christine Croydon
Music Drew Lane

The White Mouse is a musical inspired by the story of Nancy Wake, an Australian WW2 heroine who evaded capture throughout the German occupation of France. In our musical Nancy enters the forest of memories in her head and returns to France in 1944 when she worked with the French Resistance. She watches her feisty younger self with hindsight, exploring her ‘what if’ moments along the way with songs that brim with emotion and evoke all the passion, courage and irreverent humour integral to living through one of human history’s darkest periods.

December 2016

Submissions for New Musicals Australia Round Three now open

Submission close on March 1


 August 2016

Announcing the recipients of the 2016 (Round Two) Stage Three – Development & Workshops


Little One Lost
Book & Lyrics Will Hannagan
Music Tim Hansen

The Disappearance of Evelyn May Murphy
Book Hugo Chiarella
Music & Lyrics Naomi Livingston

 June 2016

The Recipients of the 2016 (Round Two) New Musicals Australia SNAP SHOT Presentations 


At The Booker T.

Book & Lyrics Clem Gorman

Music Steven Kreamer

Becoming Bill

Book Music & Lyrics Bradley McCaw

Do Good and You Will Be Happy

Book & Lyrics Hilary Bell

Music Phillip Johnston


Book & Lyrics Nick Musgrove

Music Stefan Cassomenos


Book, Lyrics & Music Wayne Hurry & Rob Hurry

Little One Lost

Book & Lyrics Will Hannagan

Music Tim Hansen

Rose and Rodeo

Book John Senczuk

Music & Lyrics Brendan Walmsley

The Disappearance of Evelyn May Murphy

Book Hugo Chiarella

Music & Lyrics Naomi Livingston

Traces of Nuts

Book & Lyrics Nicholas Christo

Music Johannes Luebbers

Stealing Picasso

Book Tom Reed

Music and Lyrics Joel Paszkowski