The Musicals selected from Round Two are currently in development with workshops being conducted in January and February of 2017.

Evie May A Tivoli Story
(Formally - The Disappearance of Evelyn May Murphy)

Book Hugo Chiarella
Music & Lyrics Naomi Livingston

In 1966, on the evening of the last ever Tivoli performance, ageing variety star, Evie May, recalls the events that lead her from obscurity in outback Western Australia, to the bright lights of the Australian variety circuit and the many sacrifices she had to make to get there.
As the final curtain comes down on the Tivoli and everything that has come to define her, Evie is forced to figure out where she belongs in world that no longer values the very thing she has spent her life pursuing. Evie May: A Tivoli Story, offers a dramatically compelling take on memory, motherhood, and questions of personal and cultural identity.

Little One Lost

Book & Lyrics Will Hannagan
Music Tim Hansen

Sarah longs for independence. She’s fifteen and she’s sick of it. Sick of her parents fighting. Sick of Jack getting away with everything. Sick of always having to babysit Little One. All she wants to do is be a writer just like Aunty Liz. And she’s not half bad at it either. You see Sarah has a gift for storytelling. Her stories are so vibrant, so vital, that they become real in the eyes of her younger sister. For her they are a parallel universe of dreams. So when one night, Little One goes missing, Sarah knows just where to look. While all the adults are scouring the streets, she takes one final trip down the rabbit hole into the fantasy land of her Aunt’s creation. Except it isn’t the same. What was once a childlike fantasia is now a barren wasteland, scarred by a brutal war between the sovereign Queen and the populist rebellion of the Sorceress. What ensues is a quest of epic proportions mirroring a domestic reality in free-fall.

A new musical by Tim Hansen and Will Hannagan, Little One Lost is a rites-of-passage tale for our modern times. It has all the tropes of your classic hero’s journey subverted for our post-truth world. Blurring the lines between fantastical allegory and family drama, it tells the story of a girl who learns that growing up is not as simple as she once thought. And though she longs to leave it all behind and live the glamorous life with her aunt, nothing will stop her from saving her beloved Little One.